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Custom Sections & Layouts with
Autosaving, Drafting, and Previewing

Time-saving features and improved usability of Salesforce for standard and custom objects. 

Data entry in Salesforce is no longer limited to an all-or-nothing record save. With Rukblik, standard & custom object forms are equipped with autosave, drafting, previewing and even custom sections & layouts to unlock business processes.


ruk·blik | /ˈrʊkblɪk/
:a retrospective look  


Unlock Business Processes with Reimagined Data Entry

Take Lightning Record Pages and Business Processes to the Next Level with Custom Sections and Layouts with Autosaving, Drafting, and Previewing.


Never retype lost form data again. Save record edits automatically and publish when ready. Enforce field requiredness and validation rules upon publishing versus every save.

Custom Section & Layouts

Create a Section and control when fields display based on record criteria, or create a custom Layout to be assigned to a profile, user, or even user role.


Trouble-shoot issues with business logic faster without taking screenshots and providing steps to reproduce an error. Review the outcome of a save without saving the record.

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Why use Rukblik

Save users' time. Keep users happy.

Say goodbye to the all-or-nothing save and hello to user-friendly record editing. Ensuring data entry into Salesforce is as quick and easy as possible is key for user adoption. Rukblik captures data as it's entered to ensure no data is lost and lets your users move on to the next task faster.

Build better solutions to business processes with components. 

Unlock record editing potential for better solutions to business processes for both users and admins.  Rukblik has tools for custom sections, layouts, trouble-shooting and more that can improve the user experience, fulfill business requirements and cut down on trouble-shooting time.


Our Story and Vision

Why we created Rukblik

As certified Salesforce consultants, we have seen what users, admins, and developers go through on a daily basis. We created Rukblik for everyone in the Salesforce organization and built it 100% natively on Salesforce for the Lightning UI with the technology we all know and love about Salesforce.  

We want all standard and custom objects to support custom sections, drafting, autosaving and previewing capabilities. We want to give all users the ability to customize their record layouts.  We want to give admins and developers more testing and trouble-shooting tools for their toolbox. ​


What People are Saying

Results from our users

What an astonishing product!

"Setup was simple and we were up and running fast."

"I've never seen anything like this. It is very cool."

Emma - Head of Sales

Phillip - SF Solution Architect

Whitney - Sales Executive


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Tel: 651-800-1047

608 County Rd. D East, Ste. 4  Little Canada, MN 55117

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