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The Save to the Preview Feature

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

Are you telling me you built a time machine out of Salesforce? Well, if you're going to build one, why not do it with some style?

The Save Preview Feature

What if you could see into the future with your record edits without actually saving them? What if an admin could harness that power to trouble-shoot and recreate a problem without impacting audit fields or firing business logic? With the 'Save Preview' button of the Rukblik edit screen, you can! Let's look at a common use case for this exciting feature.

Use Case 1 - User Encounters Error, Uses Rukblik Draft to Share with Admin.

Imagine you're typing away on a record, really putting thoughtful comments and accurate data into all the fields on the layout. You're ready to click 'save', and just when you think you're done, an error or snag unexpectedly prevents you from submitting your piece of art. Oh no! Now you have a choice to make in how to proceed. You could;

  1. Take a screenshot and provide support a description of how to reproduce the problem. Leave the screen open and hopefully a response comes back in time with a fix so you can save your edits.

  2. Grab your secret decoder ring and forge ahead in hopes to resolve the issue on your own so you don't lose your work.

  3. Save your edits as a draft with Rukblik and send a draft link to support requesting, 'Help Saving Record'.

Best choice? Option 3. Support can leverage your draft and run a 'Save Preview' to reproduce the exact error you received. It looks like the following.

1) User saves the edits as a draft and sends either a link to the draft or the draft number to support.

2) Support opens the draft logged in as the user and clicks, 'Save Preview', to see the results.

3) Support fixes the issue and notifies the user. User goes back to draft and clicks 'Save Preview' to verify issue is resolved.

As you can see, not only will it be easier for you to articulate the problem, but support can also replicate it quickly without typing in any of the data. Once support notifies you of a resolution, you can return to the draft and run your own 'Save Preview' to verify the issue has been resolved- all without having to retype in any text on the record.

In summary, the 'Save Preview' button gives users and admins a view into the future with editing records. Using it together with the Save Draft feature takes the guess work out of reproducing the problem. It speeds up the trouble-shooting process so much that the user may feel they skipped over that moment in time to arrive at a resolution. As far as they're concerned, the trouble-shooting was instantaneous with 'Save Preview'.

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