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What is Rukblik? Let's Review.

We are asked this question a lot. We start with the name and how it's a play on the German word, Rückblick, which means review, flashback, or a retrospective look. We dropped the umlaut and the c's to get, "Rukblik". Wunderbar (Wonderful)! So how does it relate to Salesforce? Let's start with the review feature.

The Review Feature

We have all been there on the edit screen of a record where we have the option to either 'Save' and fully commit our changes or 'Cancel' and scrap our edits altogether. Where is the option to save and come back to review it later? That's where Rukblik saves the day.

Rukblik has a Lightning component that adds, 'Save Draft', 'Save Preview', and 'Publish Draft' to your Lightning record pages. With the 'Save Draft' button, you can save your edits as you go, allowing you to come back and review your changes before submitting.

You may wonder, "Will these draft saves fire Process Builders, Triggers, Workflows, Validation Rules, or Layout-level required fields?", and the answer is no. A Rukblik draft is just that, a draft. You can enter as little or as much information as you'd like until you're ready to submit and publish your draft.

The 'Publish Draft' button submits your edits to the object where the full, "Triggers and Order of Execution" is executed (you have this memorized, right?). You can either publish after a draft has been created or right away without leaving the edit screen.

You might think, "Seems simple, what's the catch?" There's no catch. No matter if the object is standard or custom, Rukblik loads the edit layout assigned to you by your administrator and takes care of the rest for you. Just drag the component on Lightning record page, ensure draft permissions are set for the object and run with it.

That's it! With Rukblik you can save your edits for review as a draft and publish later when ready. It supports both standard and custom objects and is easily enabled by dragging the component on a Lightning record page. In the next post we'll talk about the Autosave feature.

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